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Intel 8086 - Moore's Law In Pictures

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor
Intel 8086 - Moore's Law In Pictures

When it was launched in 1978, Intel’s 8086 microprocessor began the long and storied era of x86 architecture computing that most of us still remain in today. The first Compaq Deskpro ran the 8086. The 8088 (1979) was used in the first IBM PC.  The line went on and on: 80186, 808188, 80286, etc. Many other chipmakers jumped on the bandwagon with compatible microprocessors, including Fujitsu, Siemens AG, Texas Instruments, Mitsubishi, and, of course, AMD. Even the Soviet Union’s electrical engineers were keen to get their hands on this technology via industrial espionage--and they succeeded.

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