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Intel x86 Pentium Line - Moore's Law In Pictures

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor
Intel x86 Pentium Line - Moore's Law In Pictures

Intel went superscalar on x86 with the Pentium in 1993. That means that the chip executed multiple instructions per clock cycle by sending out more than one command at the same time to redundant units on the microprocessor. It was the fifth generation of X86 (hence, “pent”), and a marketing firm came up with the idea for “ium” to make it sound like a fundamental chemical element. The Pentium name has been used, in some form, by Intel ever since. The Pentium Pro directly followed the original Pentium, and eventually became the Xeon brand. The Pentium II, III, 4 and M (Centrino) were redesigns that cemented the microprocessor brand’s status.

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