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AMD 64 (Athlon, Opteron) - Moore's Law In Pictures

Moore’s Law In Pictures: An Illustrated History of the Microprocessor
AMD 64 (Athlon, Opteron) - Moore's Law In Pictures

In 1999 AMD finally beat Intel for the first time, with the Athlon, its seventh generation x86 microprocessor. The Athlon line wouldn’t always best Intel’s Pentium line, but for a while it did. The first Athlon chip was also the first microprocessor to hit a speed of 1 GHz. Then, in 2003, AMD managed to put out a 64-bit x86 chip before Intel. The Opteron, complete with 105 million transistors, became a mainstay in servers and workstations. The Athlon 64 followed a few months later, and was the first 64-bit chip aimed squarely at regular consumers.

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