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Microsoft Authenticator App Now Supports Phone Sign-Ins

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Microsoft has now rolled out to all its accounts a new phone sign-in feature, which it had previously announced. It allows you a secure and fast way to sign in to your account without a password. 

The announcement came from Alex Simmons on the identity division at Microsoft. In a statement, he said "We don't like passwords any more than you do. So we've been hard at work creating a modern way to sign in that doesn't require upper and lowercase letters, numbers, a special character and your favorite emoji." 

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Microsoft says the process is "easier than a standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password." To set it up, open the Microsoft Authenticator for your personal account, click the dropdown button on your account tile and select "Enable phone sign-in." Then when you go to sign in your phone will get a notification. To unlock you simply tap Approve on your phone. 

If you add a new account on an Android or iPhone, Microsoft will prompt you to set it up. The company has not yet made this feature available on Windows Phones. 

Still like/need your password? There's a link at the bottom of the confirmation page to enter a password if you've lost your phone or it's dead.