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Microsoft Azure Brings Hadoop Into It's Ranks: HDInsight

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Microsoft adopts Hadoop for big data analytics from your desktop. Windows Azure HDInsight, the Microsoft cloud based distribution of Hadoop, makes it convenient to use Microsoft tools for analytics.

On Monday, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Azure HDInsight, the Microsoft cloud based distribution of Hadoop.

If your question is, "what can we do with a massive amount of data and can we get any useful business information from it", Microsoft Windows Azure and HDInsight using Hadoop might be one response.

As enterprises move more data to the cloud, additional tools better suited to explore and analyze the huge amount of data being collected, in any meaningful way, becomes a business imperative.  Microsoft's support of Hadoop in the cloud is an acknowledgement that sifting quickly through massive numbers of bytes, whether giga-, tera-, peda-, exa- or beyond requires some very specialized tools.

By building on the connections and integration between Windows Azure, Windows, Microsoft data systems, Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI), Microsoft Office 365, and Hadoop, Microsoft will make it more convenient for users to continue to perform analytics using products from within the Microsoft family.

"Windows Azure HDInsight combines the best of Hadoop open source technology with the security, elasticity and manageability that enterprises require. We have built it to integrate with Excel and Power BI -- our business intelligence offering that is part of Office 365 -- allowing people to easily connect to data through HDInsight, then refine and do business analytics in a turnkey fashion. For the developer, HDInsight also supports choice of languages: .NET, Java and more."  stated Quentin Clark, Corporate Vice President of the Data Platform Group at Microsoft.

The Microsoft Azure cloud service, HDInsight, was developed in partnership with Hortonworks, an expert in Hadoop.  Hortonworks is expected to make the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 for Windows Server generally available in November.

Windows Azure Cloud pricing is based on a monthly committed spend and starts at a minimum of $500.  There is a pay as you go plan with no long term commitment, or a 6/12 month pay by the month plan and a 6/12 month pre-pay plan. Except for the commitment free pay as you go plan, each of the other plans have discounts based on monthly committed spend.

There is an additional FAQ related to HDInsight pricing located at


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