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Microsoft Introduces Cortana To Dynamics CRM 2015

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Microsoft has announced that the Cortana digital assistant from the Windows 8.1 mobile platform will be making it to the upcoming Dynamics CRM 2015 in December 2014.This will be the first release of Cortana outside of the mobile OS market; Cortana is scheduled to be included in Windows 10 as well but was left out of the public technical preview.Cortana for Dynamics 2015 will be able to search for contacts, accounts and activities.In addition, it will be able to set up meetings, reminders and create new customer records all with voice commands. 

While features from mobile devices have made it to the desktop and vice versa, the personal digital assistant is one of the most unique features to make the leap.The Dynamics 2015 being a CRM-focused application is typically used by salespeople on the go, so it does make a lot of sense as a first platform to establish Cortana with voice- and hands-free abilities. Creating a positive impact with business sales professionals on the go will help to establish the value of bringing the personal digital assistant out of the consumer mobile handset environment and into the enterprise. 

While the introduction of Cortana is unlikely to be a revolutionary step in application development or operations, it is an evolutionary step for the enterprise that could have considerable impact on many other desktop applications.Microsoft has not fully indicated that Cortana will be included with Windows 10 when it ships; however, the inclusion of Cortana application files included in the preview of Windows 10 suggests that is possible. Microsoft has already shown mature natural voice command ability on its gaming platform Xbox One.While the Metro and touch interface was the face of Windows 8, Windows 10 and some applications look to be talked to and heard rather than touched.