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Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) Keeps Knocking Out The Hits!

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With over three million members and hundreds of free online courses from which to choose from, the Microsoft Virtual Academy remains a great source for training and information for IT professionals, including those with MS certs in their sights.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) recently reached three million registered users. In celebrating this substantial milestone (topped only by the number of Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Office Specialist credential holders), Microsoft has compiled some pretty interesting statistics and factoids about MVA, including over 700,000 respondents who indicated they started coding thanks to MVA instructor Bob Tabor, or the tens of thousands of IT professionals who've turned to MVA to help them prepare for one or more Microsoft certification exams. If you have your own MVA story to share, make sure to check out Matthew Calder's blog post 3 Million Techies Who Never Stop Learning.

In addition to MVA, Microsoft also supports online communities through its own course forums and the Born to Learn blogn, but also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well. 

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If you're not already familiar with MVA, Microsoft slices and dices its offerings by topics and by product. The topic list includes hybrid cloud automation, C# and XAML, HTML5, Server Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, and Collaboration plus development stuff for games, the cloud, mobile apps, and the web. The product list covers stalwart platforms such as Windows desktop and Server versions, System Center, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange along with such lesser but still interesting lights as Microsoft Dynamics, Windows Phone development, Office 365, and Skype for business.

In short, anyone with an interest in Microsoft products and platforms, or who uses or takes care of Microsoft technologies at work or at home, will find lots of interesting and useful stuff to dig into, starting at the MVA homepage.

New courses recently added to the site include:

The more you look around at what MVA has to offer, the more likely it is you'll find yourself signing up for something soon. Check it out!