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As Old MCSEs Wane the Microsoft Virtual Academy Recertify Option Remains

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

In the wake of Microsoft's recent MCSE and MCSD certification shakeup, quickly recertifying under the old regime can buy you precious time.

Source: Microsoft Virtual Academy home page, IT Pros training iconsSource: Microsoft Virtual Academy home page, IT Pros training iconsAs the real import of Microsoft's recent MCSE and MCSD certification shakeup begins to sink in, many currently-certified IT professionals have figured out one thing. Quickly recertifying under the old regime gives you more time to digest and dive into the new regime. In fact, there's a direct line to training for certain recertification exams for the old regime that may be especially attractive. The Recertify with Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free training to help get folks ready for various recertification exams.

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The applicable MCSE credentials – and the recertification exams that keep them valid – for which free MVA training is available are as follows:

What's interesting about these items is that people whose transcripts show that they currently hold the related MCSE can recertify by successfully completing all of the related course elements for each such credential. That means that those people don't have to sign up, pay for, take and pass a recertification exam ($165) to maintain those certs.

Given that those certifications – and the exams that go with them including recertification exams – expire on March 31, 2017, interested parties will have to complete their training and make sure their status has been updated accordingly before the expiration date comes and goes. But that's a great deal with no associated expense that can extend the lease on life for existing certs for another year. This gives IT professionals more time to think about, target and attack the new version certifications from the revised MCSE lineup.