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Centrify Launches BYOD Identity Management, Partners with Samsung

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Centrify Launches BYOD Identity Management Solution; Partners with SamsungCentrify Launches BYOD Identity Management Solution; Partners with SamsungSecurity companies offering software solutions to the enterprise IT headache-inducing problem of “Bring Your Own Device” policies bound to get attention.

Identity management specialist Centrify did just that at Mobile World Congress this week, launching Centrify for Mobile 2013 and Centrify for Saas 2013, and even nabbing a high-profile partnership with Samsung, which will integrate Centrify’s tools into its custom business-vs-pleasure software interface known as Knox.

For Samsung, Centrify will provide multi-application single sign-on for mobile and web apps that also allows admins to use their existing Microsoft Active Directory technology to manage access and devices (yes, Samsung’s device’s run Google’s Android OS--here’s an unusual instance of Microsoft playing nice with Google’s OS). Corporate buyers will have to pay up to use Samsung’s Knox service on Galaxy devices, but the enterprise-oriented software solution from Centrify can be purchased directly from that company for $3-$4 per device per year--its available now.

Centrify’s own-branded offering includes Single Sign-on, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, mobile authentication and Mobile Container Management services--all via Microsoft’s Active Directory infrastructure. From Centrify’s announcement, the details of Centrify for Mobile 2013 include:

  • New Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) — Zero sign-on authentication for mobile applications to cloud services leveraging Active Directory.
  • New Mobile Application Management (MAM) —a unified interface to manage both mobile and web applications, assign access rights based on roles, as well as auto-provision and de-provision mobile applications centrally. Additionally, includes enterprise app catalog with user self-service and support for 3rd party apps and custom apps.
  •  Enhanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) — Expanded device management support for both Android and iOS platforms with full control over devices, auto-management of ActiveSync mailbox access control lists, and integration with Apple Configurator for mass or bulk deployment and remote management of iOS devices.
  • New Mobile Container Management (MCM) — Available to device manufacturers and service providers, MCM enables centralized management capabilities supporting secured containers to provide users with single sign-on for seamless access to mobile and web applications within the container. This provides the user with clear separate work and personal environments where enterprise IT can ensure proper security on the work environment without adversely affecting user privacy or usability of the personal device.
  • Unified Administration — Centrify Cloud Services delivers a unified administrative experience for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Container Management, as well as Mobile and Web application and application authentication management all through a single web console, the Centrify Cloud Manager.

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