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Google Extends Google Apps For Mobile Devices

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Google has quietly been working on making Google Apps much more attractive for use on mobile devices.

GoogleGoogleGoogle has quietly been working on making Google Apps much more attractive for use on mobile devices. 

Especially targeted for us on smartphones and tablets that run Android 4.0 and higher in a corporate environment, Google recently introduced new capabilities that enable administrators to promote and enforce strongpasswords anddata encryption via its latest version of its Device Policy.

Also new is the ability to deactivate cameras, and allow system administrators to extendremote data wiping to the owners of the device through theMy Devices page. Also, administrators can now configure Android 4.0+ devices to comply withorganizational email retention policies.

Google is riding the BYOD trend in organizations and supports the appeal of Google Apps. However, the mobile management features are only available in combination with Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government, but not for private users. System administrators can take advantage of an increasingly flexible management system that can be applied to and enforced on different organizational units with different user privileges.

Some management features are also supported on non-Android devices, such as iOS and Windows Phone products. For example, Windows Phones do not support "strong" passwords, do not support data sync while roaming, and cannot shut the camera down.

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