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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProThis Week On Tom's IT Pro: Trading Your Laptop for a Tablet, Cloud Services, Storage Management Features, Mobile Device Security, Open Source Excellence, Social Media Certification, Election 2012 and IT, AMD's ARM Processor Gamble, and more.

IBM is expanding its PureSystems portfolio with a new storage solution.

Vyatta is best known as the creator of the first platform-independent network operating system.

IDC estimates that public IT cloud services in the U.S. will grow from a volume of $18.5 billion in 2011 to $43.2 billion in 2006. 

Tired of lugging around your laptop? Check out some apps and accessories that provide laptop-like functionality on your iPad or Android tablet.

Startup Cobalt Iron has rolled out a new cloud-based data protection suite for enterprises.

The global software market has held stable in the first half of 2012, growing by 4.7 percent to a volume of $167 billion, IDC said. 

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the beta version of BizTalk Server 2013. 

VIDEO: How Secure Are Your Mobile Devices?

Enterprise mobile devices are proliferating like rabbits in the spring. Rachel Rosmarin tells you how to keep them under control.

How can IT pros safely enable business use of popular consumer tablets such as the Apple iPad and the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab?

The world's first professional graphics card to exceed a double-precision floating-point performance of 1 TFlops. 

When we start to use our personal devices for work, we can run the risk of weakening data protection. 

To be ready when there is a security issue with a personally-owned employee device, you need to update your security policies.

A new version EaseUS Deploy Manager is now available. 

Shares some information about a key feature in the next version of SQL Server.

Mobile devices are as much a part of IT computing infrastructure today as servers and workstations.

Interview: Stuart Kerr of Aerospace Corp - Achieving R&D Open Source Excellence

A talk with The Aerospace Corp's Principal Director of Technical Computijng Stuart Kerr, who runs a large R&D Linux infrastructure using a variety of open source technologies (clobber, puppet, spacewalk, etc.).

Launches a free-to-use online platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Notifies customers that it is phasing out its Modular Server Virtualization Manager.

Texas Instruments Keystone ARM SoC: 200 GFlops, 13 Watts.

Straight talk about cloud services.

Meet Intel's second-generation data center-focused SSDs, the S37oo Series.

Company launching a new mobile thin client, the mt40, in mid-December.

A Fresh Idea: How to Transition Military Veterans to a Life in IT

Meet Brian Knight, founder of Pragmatic Works, who is training and preparing veterans for a life in IT ... free of charge.

New certification set to go live in early 2013. 

AppliedMicro is the first company to show off a 64-bit ARM processor.

Updates with the Piledriver processing core that was previously introduced for desktop PCs and notebooks. 

Tells customers of its Elastic Block Store (EBS) that they can now provision up to 2,000 IOPS per EBS volume.

A visual walk through the history of Intel processors from the early 1970s to today.

What Can Enterprise Tech Expect From Obama's Re-Election?

The 2012 presidential election’s implications for IT over the next four years.

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