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With BlackBerry Decline, MobileIron Pushes Android Migration

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This week MobileIron pointed out that Android has the largest smartphone market share for smartphone operating systems, but the platform has yet to be fully adopted by the enterprise. That's due to fragmentation: it's a lot easier to integrate an iPhone into the network than the thousands of different Android phone configurations on the market today. Yet thanks to the current situation with BlackBerry, businesses may need to accelerate their plans to embrace Android more fully.

That's where MobileIron comes in. "Last year, MobileIron introduced AppConnect, which containerized business apps across Android devices and operating system versions to address fragmentation," reads the company's announcement. "The Q4 2013 release of MobileIron for Android completes the solution by delivering the productivity apps employees need and the final elements of data protection IT requires."

The result? Android can be an acceptable solution for enterprises that have traditionally used BlackBerry. With the Q4 2013 release of MobileIron for Android, IT can now offer employees secure email and personal information management (PIM), secure content and collaboration, secure browsing, and data protection like FIPS 140-2, Samsung KNOX and secure Single Sign On (SSO).

The secure email and PIM aspect stems through a special partnership with Divide. All content is encrypted and stored in a secure container on the mobile device while all configuration and data loss prevention (DLP) policies are set through MobileIron. The MobileIron Android app also provides email attachment protection, secure browsing for embedded URLs, identity and access management (IAM) for client and server access, and secure tunneling for ActiveSync traffic.

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MobileIron has revealed that the company's use of FIPS 140-2 cryptographic libraries for Android has now been validated by an accredited Cryptographic and Security (CST) laboratory in full compliance with the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP). IPS 140-2 defines the appropriate cryptographic standards to protect data at rest and data in motion in public sector and regulated environments.

“More than half of our top customers are using Android in production environments and they want to grow those deployments substantially," said Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. "Android has moved from being a feature on a checklist for the future to being a core requirement for today. With this release of MobileIron for Android, IT teams can finally make Android a full citizen in the enterprise."

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