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MongoDB 3.0 Delivers Higher Performance With Simplified Management

By - Source: MongoDB

MongoDB announced the general availability of MongoDB 3.0, the latest version of the company's high performance document database for big data. MongoDB 3.0 features a new, flexible, storage architecture incorporating the WiredTiger technology, acquired by the company in December 2014. Also with this new version, MongoDB has released MongoDB Ops Manager, the new MongoDB deployment and management tool. These new features allow MongoDB users to target new classes of applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), time series data analysis, messaging, and more.

"The WiredTiger storage engine and our new management product, Ops Manager, provide capabilities far beyond the original conception of this release. Our users and our partners will be thrilled," said Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB Founder and CTO.

The updated version of MongoDB now features a new storage engine API allowing for fast and easy creation of new pluggable storage engines to extend the database's capabilities. MongoDB 3.0 ships with two storage engines: Memory Mapped Version 1 (MMAPv1), which builds on the engine used in earlier releases, and the new WiredTiger storage engine, which brings higher concurrency and compression to MongoDB. An experimental in-memory storage engine is also included with this version of the NoSQL database.

The WiredTiger storage engine gives users a 7x to 10x increase in write performance, with 80 percent reduction in storage. WiredTiger features document level concurrency control, bringing higher performance and vertical scalability. WiredTiger can help organizations lower storage costs, achieve greater hardware utilization, and enjoy more predictable performance with reduced query latency.

MongoDB Ops Manager makes it faster and easier for ops teams to deploy, backup, monitor and scale MongoDB implementations. The company says that Ops Manager can reduce the overhead of operating large-scale deployments by 95 percent. Ops Manager converts complex manual tasks into automated procedures requiring a mouse click or API call. It can deal with the low-level details of common tasks without taking the database offline. MongoDB Ops Manager also includes new monitoring and disaster recovery features, with enhanced logging.

MongoDB 3.0 is available now for download at