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NoSQL MongoDB 2.6 Downloadable, Ready for Bulk Operations

By - Source: MongoDB

MongoDB released a new version of its open source database, version 2.6, last week. New features in this release include MongoDB Management Service, Index Intersection, improved scalability and performance, text search, enterprise-grade security, and more. The new version can be downloaded right here.

"MongoDB has a thriving global community with more than 7 million downloads of its open-source database, 1,000 customers, 150,000 online education registrations, 30,000 user group members and 20,000 MongoDB Days attendees," reads the company's press release.

According to the company, the new MongoDB 2.6 integrates text search into the MongoDB Query Language and the Aggregation Framework, and supports search for 15 languages. This updated version also provides a more efficient use of network resources, such as making oplog processing 75 percent faster, improving updates via bulk operators for writes by as much as five time, and more.

The company's report states that Bulk Update Operators now allow organizations to manipulate large data volumes more efficiently. New bulk operations makes it easy and efficient to load, update and delete large volumes of data in MongoDB. This solution automatically parallelizes updates across the system, and returns a report of failed operations that can be retried by the application.

On a security level, this new version builds on the support in MongoDB Enterprise 2.4 for roles, as well as Kerberos authentication and SSL encryption. The solution adds field-level redaction, customizable auditing, LDAP and x509 authentication, collection-level authorization and user-defined roles.

MongoDB Management Service, aka MMS, makes running MongoDB systems at a scale a simple task for organizations. MMS now includes:

  • continuous, incremental backup;
  • point-in-time recovery;
  • monitoring, visualization and alerts on 100+ parameters;
  • on-premises deployments for MongoDB subscribers and a fully-managed solution in the cloud.

"Organizations can now manipulate large data volumes more efficiently than ever before," explains the company's press release. "New bulk operations make it simple and efficient to load, update and delete large volumes of data in MongoDB. Bulk operations automatically parallelize updates across the system, and return a report of failed operations that can be retried by the application."

This new version simplifies and lowers the cost of operating MomgoDB at scale. MongoDB explains that indexing can be performed in the background, yielding to foreground operations and auto-resumes after restart. Also mentioned are mixed SSL connections, expanded SNMP support, more efficient repair operations, and a new default space allocation configuration.

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