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MongoDB NoSQL Certifications Among The Hottest IT Certs For 2015

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

MongoDB's NoSQL database administrator and developer certifications are gaining popularity and receiving recognition as one of the hottest IT certifications for 2015.

We recognized MongoDB's NoSQL certifications as one of the top five in our Best Database Certifications list for 2015. Thus, we were pleased to see the MongoDB Certified DBA credential show up in's list of the 15 Hottest IT Certifications for 2015. As a NoSQL database, MongoDB is uniquely positioned to support business analytics, big data sets, and insights into unstructured data collections of all kinds.

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MongoDB earned accolades from Forrester Research in late 2014 as a leading contender among NoSQL databases. In addition to the MongoDB Certified DBA (Associate Level) credential available through MongoDB University, which focuses on professionals who manage and maintain MongoDB data collections, MongoDB also offers a MongoDB Certified Developer (Associate Level) credential as well, for those more interested in building applications around the MongoDB platform. Each credential requires passing a specific exam ($150 in the US, prices vary elsewhere) and is supported with for-a-fee public and private training from MongoDB University (MongoDB's training and certification arm). There's also a book on the topic available, too: an O'Reilly tome entitled MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, by Kristina Chodorow.

IT professionals interested in data collection and management will find it worthwhile to dig into MongoDB, not only because of its industry-leading capabilities and tools, but also because big data is such a white hot growth and opportunity area within IT. This applies equally to those with a DBA bent and to those more interested in building data-driven applications and analysis tools. Big data consistently shows up on the radar for most desirable, highest-paying, and in-demand jobs in IT these days, and a MongoDB certification should get interested IT pros off to a very good start in this direction.

To that end, be sure to check out this slate of free online courses available through MongoDB University (the courses start in late May and since they're MOOCs, they do not have an enrollment limit):

The slate is a bit tilted toward developers but there's plenty of good free stuff right here.

Given the availability of support materials that include for-a-fee and free training, ample product documentation, and the MongoDB presentation library, coupled with low-cost ($150) exams, there's no reason why interested IT pros and developers shouldn't jump into the MongoDB program. Check it out, and if it attracts your interest (and hopefully also your enthusiasm), you could dig in and give yourself a definite career boost within the next six months to a year. You certainly can't lose much if you take a flyer here.

Correction:This page was updated on 11:00 pm PT, April 20, 2015 to state that the online courses do not have an enrollment limit.