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MS Press Releases Free Windows 10 E-Book for Anniversary Update

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

A new Windows 10 book from long-time Windows expert and ZDnet personality Ed Bott has hit the (digital) shelves. It’s called Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets, and you can download a copy for free. Right now, it’s available in both standard and mobile PDF formats, and according to the MS Press blog page on this title, it will also soon be available in ePub and Mobi for Kindle formats as well. 

Microsoft says the e-book is for anyone who trains people to use Windows 10, including, but not limited to, professional trainers, IT professionals, help desk staff, and that guy you know who "knows Windows."

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As somebody who’s worked with Windows 10 every day since October 2014, I was more than curious to see what I might find between the metaphorical covers of this e-book. Here’s what I found, with a brief summary for each of the eight chapters in this 125-page book:

1. Getting Started:Windows 10 sign-in options and customizing the Start menu, followed by a tour of new stuff on the desktop, apps, Edge and Cortana. Information on settings, Windows Update, Recovery and more.

2. Personalizing the Windows 10 experience: Working with Start, Cortana and the search box, customizing background and lock screens, the taskbar and notification area, Windows 10 Action Center, touch optimizations (tablet mode and more) and arranging apps. 

3. Staying Secure: Securing user accounts and data, keeping Windows 10 up to date, working with Windows Defender, (web) SmartScreen and privacy settings. 

4. Having fun: Choosing default media apps, Groove Music, Photos, Movies, TV and Videos. 

5. Connecting to the Internet and Cloud Services: Networking basics, working with Wi-Fi and OneDrive. 

6. Taking charge of hardware: Adjusting the display, volume control and audio settings, managing storage, setting up printers and updating device drivers. 

7. Staying productive on mobile devices: Managing power options, pen support, using tablet mode and Windows 10 mobile. 

8. Troubleshooting and recovery: Troubleshooting 101, other troubleshooting tools, getting help from an expert, and using reset to bring Win10 back to life.

This looks like pretty basic stuff, and anybody who know his way around Windows is likely to know most of this stuff him- or herself already. But it is useful as a tool for teaching or helping others. I have a feeling this book will make a good giveaway to everyday users interesting in reading and learning more about Windows 10 and how it works.  

Though there are nice tips here and there likely to be useful only for IT pros, rank-and-file users will also find lots of useful insight and info here, too. The troubleshooting chapter is particularly helpful for IT pros (and many of its recommendations and techniques require admin-level system access). 

Grab yourself a copy, and be ready to hand it over to colleagues, coworkers, friends and family seeking a better understanding of Microsoft’s new (and newly reissued) flagship desktop operating system: Windows 10.