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Tilera Debuts 72-Core 64-bit SoC

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TILERATILERAA new system-on-a-chip from Tilera features 72 64-bit cores, doubling the computing power of its most recent 36-core Tile-Gx36 chip, but not yet reaching the company’s stated goal of a 100-core processor.

The TILE-Gx72 is aimed at software-defined networks and servers, such as those that support cloud computing, mobile computing and video content.

Multi-core processing is best suited for systems that require high-throughput and often experience data bottlenecks--today’s data centers are face this need more than any consumer application. The Gx72 touts a transfer rate of 100 gigabits per second, according to Tilera.
Besides SDN (software defined networking)computing, some specific applications Tilera sees for its 72-core chip include:

  • L2-7 networking and firewall appliances
  • network monitoring and analytics
  • Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection at 50 gigabits per second
  • compute offload Network Interface Card
  • intrusion prevention and detection at 20 gigabits per second
  • streaming video server/content delivery at 50 gigabits per second streaming
  • HD video conferencing with dozens of 1080p channels

The Gx72 includes eight 10Gbps Ethernet ports (configurable as 32 1Gbps ports), six PCI Express ports, and four DDR3 memory controllers.

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