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Video Series from MVA Could Help You Ace Your MS Certification

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

I suppose it was inevitable: because the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers so much cert-related video training and courseware, why shouldn’t they have a video that explains how to prepare for Microsoft Certification exams? That’s exactly what you’ll find in a new MVA offering entitled Mastering Microsoft Certification Exam Prep.

This eight-part course that includes about 3.5 hours of video material, plus a number of supporting PowerPoint decks. The material features Tim Warner, a well-known Pluralsight instructor, course developer and Tom's IT Pro contributor. Plus, it features Christopher Chapman, a senior content producer for the MVA videos and training materials. Separately and together they make a pretty dynamic duo and present lots of useful exam prep information.

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Here's what the table of contents for this course looks like:

1.      Introduction: People, agenda, coverage and info.

2.      Understanding MS Certification: A look at the target audience(s), the MS certification portfolio, reasons to pursue Microsoft credentials, and an interactive demo that digs into various MS certification resources online.

3.      Learning the Certification Study Pyramid: Learn how to build content knowledge, practice the technology and strategize the exam.

4.     Developing Content Knowledge: Examining interest, aptitude and availability to zero in on IT niches and specialties; determing your learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic); and finding cost-effective training.

5.      Turning Theory into Practice: How to build a Hyper-V test lab with eval software, leveraging MS Virtual labs, and digging into MS Azure.

6.      Strengthening Test-Taking Skills: Understanding the testing situation, working through questions types (multiple choice, interactive items, case study testlets).

7.      MS Testing Workflow: Finding exam deals, registering for an exam, mastering the test-day protocol, working through post-exam processes.

8.      Next Step: Deciding your next credential, leveraging MS certification, and making long-term plans for professional development and education.

 It’s certainly incredibly familiar material to me, having written similar guides for PrepLogic in the 2000s and for PluralSight about 4 to 5 years ago. I suggest that if you’ve got a Microsoft certification test in your future, you’ll want to work your way through this free, informative online on-demand course from MVA.