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Thecus Announces Wonderbox Sharing App For NAS

By - Source: Thecus

Thecus announced the availability of the Wonderbox mobile app for select Thecus Network Attached Storage (NAS) models. The Wonderbox app simplifies mobile access to digital data stored on NAS and works on both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile access can be facilitated without the need for an IP address, Dynamic DNS or port forwarding. Wonderbox also allows sharing of IP cameras and web cams, allowing users to monitor remote locations on their mobile devices.

Wonderbox users can remotely manage their data, and they can share it across platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux and Embedded Linux devices while allowing remote access to data to multiple users. Wonderbox enables video and audio streaming of digital content.

Under Thecus' file-sharing paradigm, shared assets and users are assigned a unique ID. Files are then synced from ID to ID. File sharing is done through what Thecus refers to as a "Boxie." A user creates and names a boxie and can send this name to other users to enable access. An Express Boxie allows direct access to shared assets, while a Secure Boxie requires a password to allow access. A Timed Boxie can be set to allow access only during a specified time period, and a Combo Boxie requires a password and also includes a specified access time restriction.

The Wonderbox app is available now from the Thecus App Center.