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NEC Computing Enters IaaS Marketplace

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Last week, Japanese-based IT tech and services provider, NEC, announced its foray into cloud-based infrastructure services beginning in October 2013. Labeled as the "NEC Cloud IaaS", the service's goal is to "support a wide range of customer demands, while ensuring performance, reliability and cost effectiveness", per the company. NEC is planning to have the NEC Cloud IaaS ready to start serving customers by April 2014 based at the new NEC Kanagawa data center.

According to the company, customers will have two choices:

  • A standard service that includes highly valued functions at a lower cost than Amazon's basic features. This service is designed for loads similar to web servers that experience large fluctuations in processing demand and services carrying out large-scale parallel processing. Depending on processing needs, customers using this service can pay-by-the-hour, enabling them to add or subtract servers as needed.
  • A high-availability service suited for mission-critical operations. Customers using this service will have the ability to easily and flexibly enhance server performance by increasing the number of CPU cores and the amount of memory.

Both services will come with a self-service portal, that in addition to enabling customers to provision and manage servers, storage and networks in the new NEC Cloud IaaS, will enable them to include the management of their internally built systems and other cloud-based services on a single screen. NEC can also provide services that integrate the operations of entire systems on behalf of customers. Additionally, NEC leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in order to ease the migration from customer-built systems and to quickly procure ICT resources.

The new NEC Kanagawa data center, scheduled to open in January 2014, is the company's 59th in Japan. The data center uses proprietary cooling technologies and will be using energy-saving servers under development by NEC to help reduce operating costs and prices.

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