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NEC Intros Six Express5800 Servers With Big Data In Mind

By - Source: NEC Corporation

On Thursday NEC launchedsix new Express5800 series servers that are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processor E5-2400 v2 product family. The new lineup includes rack, tower, modular and blade models.

According to the company, the new lineup promises up to 20% greater performance than the previous models, and up to 12% less power consumption. That means more bang for the buck in terms of performance per watt  and lower operational costs.

NEC highlights the features of several new models, reporting that the E120e-M two-socket modular server improves I/O performance up to 1.7 times, accelerating storage transfer thanks to the latest high-performance RAID controller. The E120e-M also supports a 10GBASE-T connection board as an optional PCI board, as well as the Infiniband connection board.

"As a result, NEC has broadened the range of options for disk and network transfer performance, and delivered improved performance to the entire system as demanded by users," reads the company’s press release.

As previously stated, the R120e-1E and R120e-2E 2-socket 1U/2U servers can cut electricity costs by substantially reducing power consumption when compared to other models. Not only do these rack servers use the latest CPUs, but an 80 PLUS Titanium power supply to reduce on-load power consumption by up to 12% and standby power consumption by up to 7% when compared to other models.

"In recent years, the industry-standard server market has seen the advancement of power-saving and optimization measures for existing business servers, as well as a growing need for IT investment in 'new value creation' due to the use of Big Data," states NEC's press release. "As general business servers and data center servers, these new products reduce installation costs through improved performance and server consolidation, and deliver reductions in operating costs by conserving energy, to support advanced IT investment by customers."

NEC's new Express5800 servers will be available on January 24, 2014. Distribution is expected to reach markets worldwide, and shipping dates will differ by model and region. For more information about each new server, click on the links below:

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