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What Can Enterprise Tech Expect From Obama's Re-Election?

What Can Enterprise Tech Expect From Obama's Re-Election?

What Can Enterprise Tech Expect From Obama's Reelection?What Can Enterprise Tech Expect From Obama's Reelection?

The 2012 election’s implications for IT over the next four years.

As Barack Obama prepares for four more years as U.S. President, we are listening to the fallout of the election, and witnessing a calming storm of claims being made by both presidential campaigns. Now, we are moving on from being fact checkers and looking forward to the reality the old-new administration will bring.

There was little doubt how divided the candidates were over technology, but it is that bit of unsurety that creates opportunities and concerns for the technology field, especially IT as it’s currently moving through numerous disruptive technologies. Enterprise tech will have to take the government's opinion into account when planning for the future.

On a very basic level, the reelection of Barack Obama will mean that the technology sector can expect a continuance of existing strategies and policies with some tweaking here and there. New involvement in evolving technologies will also impact more and more people and IT.

Let's look at the critical areas the administration said it will address, those that are expected in the foreseeable future - and the promises it will be questioned for when they are broken.

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