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NetMotion Wireless Announces Self-Diagnosing Mobile VPN

By - Source: NetMotion

NetMotion Wireless announced the availability of NetMotion Diagnostics for its Mobility Mobile VPN Software Suite. NetMotion Diagnostics analyzes connectivity problems and automatically determines why, where and when they occur. This information can help mobile users resolve connection problems on their own, without the assistance of support staff. For more complex problems, NetMotion Diagnostics can alert IT staff and provide the technical information necessary to correct the issue.

"Slow and unreliable mobile connections are the most common problems our enterprise customers deal with on a daily basis," said John Knopf, VP Product Management at NetMotion Wireless. "Companies are making significant investments in wireless access and mobile solutions, and they need their employees to be able to access their corporate resources wherever they are for those investments to pay off. Our solution eliminates frustration and guesswork in troubleshooting connection problems."

NetMotion Diagnostics offers sophisticated data analytics and visualization into the causes of connectivity problems that can affect mobile users such as latency issues, signal quality, VPN connection issues, and so on. It collects connection data and provides reporting on specific devices and network performance.

When users experience a problem, pre-configured diagnostics can be run with the push of a button. The diagnostics analyze each component of the connection to identify the failure point and communicate this information to IT staff. IT staff can also set up diagnostics to be run whenever a problem occurs.

Problem notifications can be sent via email and/or SMS, enabling IT staff to respond quickly. Alerts can be customized by type, recipient and frequency. Diagnostic data can be used to gain insight into root causes and common problems or patterns.

NetMotion Diagnostics can be used with NetMotion Mobility or as a stand-alone tool for any mobile solution. NetMotion Diagnostics can be installed on-premises or on a hosted cloud and supports Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

NetMotion Diagnostics is available immediately.