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Plug & Play Security Appliances Bring Ease to Network Security

Plug & Play Security Appliances Bring Ease to Network Security
Beyond the Firewall

When it comes to network security, complexity reigns supreme. But, what if you could just plug in a security system and then forget about it? While that may be a security professional’s unrealized dream, today's network security devices come pretty close to offering plug and play simplicity combined with the intelligence to stall most attacks.

Many have come to think that the first security appliances were the ever present firewalls that populated the data centers of yesteryear. However, a traditional firewall was something of a one trick pony, blocking ports and packets based upon policies, and doing little more than that. Furthermore, those traditional firewalls were anything but plug and play, requiring hours of setup, configuration and management. Those security behemoths of the past became both a burden and a protector at the same time. However, many of the functions of yesterday's firewalls have been incorporated into a new breed of appliances that offer all the benefits and very few of the liabilities that were once so common with firewalls.

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