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Brocade Grows Ethernet Fabric Solutions, Adds Switches

By - Source: Brocade

Last week Brocade announced the availability of its multitenant solutions, VCS Virtual Fabric and VCS Fabric Gateway for VMware NSX. The company also expanded its VDX portfolio with new VCS Fabric-enabled switches based on Brocade's next-generation ASIC. The new products include the industry's first fabric-based 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) top-of-rack switch that can be upgraded to 10 GbE through a software license.

Available now and serving as an alternative to overlay networks, Brocade VCS Virtual Fabric is one of the key features of Brocade VCS Fabric technology supported on Brocade VDX next-generation switches. VCS Virtual Fabric provides a native, network-based approach to multitenant scale, and offers a "highly evolutionary" approach to multitenancy. The solution is also hypervisor agnostic, and provides automated tenant provisioning through open APIs and OpenStack.

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As for the VCS Fabric Gateway for VMware NSX, this will be released in March 2014. Brocade developed this integrated and high-performance gateway solution for customers who actually prefer overlay architectures, such as VMware NSX, to virtualize their network. This solution provides gateway-level "robustness," orchestration support for network provisioning and automation, and unifies virtual and physical environments by converting tunnel connections into IP connections.

"Brocade VCS Fabric technology offers the ideal network foundation for the modern data center, addressing the most challenging data center requirements, including network automation and native network multitenancy at scale, with the most robust end-to-end portfolio of data center fabric solutions," said Jason Nolet, vice president data center switching and routing, Brocade.

In addition to the multitenant solutions, Brocade also launched the VDX 6740T-1 switch, featuring fixed 48 x 1 GbEBase-T ports that are upgradable to 10 GbEBase-T and the industry's lowest-cost entry point into Ethernet fabrics. The company also launched three Brocade VDX 8770 modules: a 6 x 100 GbE port module, a 27 x 40 GbE version, and a 48 x 10 GbEBase-T port module.

According to Brocade, the 6 x 100 GbE port module is the industry's first and only offering to support 100 GbE Ports on Demand (PoD) capabilities within Ethernet fabrics. The 27 x 40 GbE port module is ideal for dense 40 GbE spine/middle-of-row deployments, and is optimized with large buffers to absorb microburst traffic in data centers. The 48 x 10 GbEBase-T port module is ideal for dense 10 GbE leaf/middle-of-row deployments.

"With this announcement, Brocade is furthering its leadership in Ethernet fabrics, enabling customers to deploy an automated networking architecture that can radically improve business efficiency and agility, delivering 50 percent lower OpEx over competitive alternatives," Nolet added.

The Brocade VDX 6740T-1 starts at $14,995. The Brocade VDX 8770 starts at $45,000 for the 48x10G-T, $60,000 for the VDX 8770-27x40G, and $96,000 for the VDX8770-6x100G.