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Cisco Announces High Performance 4RU 40 GbE Switch

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Cisco Announces 4RU 40 GbE Switch Cisco Announces 4RU 40 GbE Switch

Cisco recently announced several new products that the company claims enables the "industry's fastest" open networking fabric for data centers.

The cornerstone of the portfolio is the layer 2 and layer 3, 10 and 40 GbE switch Nexus 6004 that provides up to 384 10 GbE or 96 40 GbE line-rate ports in a 4 RU form factor. The device comes standard with 48 fixed 40 GbE QSFP+ ports, four expansion slots and a switching capacity of 7.68 Tbps, which the manufacturer claims is enough to transfer the entire content of the Library of Congress in just 210 seconds.

According to Cisco, the architecture is suited for scaling from "hundreds to more than 10,000 servers." Cisco also offers the Nexus 6001, which offers line rate 48 ports of 10 GbE fixed ports with four ports of 40GbE uplinks in a 1 RU form factor.

Additionally, Cisco introduced the Nexus 7000 Series Network Analysis Module, which provides application awareness and performance analytics capability, as well as the Nexus 1000V InterCloud as a management device between private and public clouds with features such as virtual machine lifecycle administration across multiple hypervisors in hybrid clouds; and the ability to manage multiple provider clouds via APIs.

Cisco will launch the Nexus 6004 during the current quarter as a 12 x 40 GbE version for $40,000. The 24 x 40 GbE model will be priced at $90,000, and the 48 x 40 GbE model at $195,000.

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