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Nimble's Adaptive Flash Bridges Hybrid and AFA Storage

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Nimble Storage is hoping to create a new space between hybrid and all-flash storage, where the flash in hybrid storage array can act as an expansion of your storage infrastructure as opposed to merely a very fast, very expensive storage drive. Nimble Storage's new Adaptive Flash platform introduces the CS700 series, an addition to the company's CS family of flash storage arrays, and all-flash shelf. Read: Building a Business Case for Flash Storage

"Application workloads that require lots of performance and relatively little capacity will migrate more towards all flash array architectures, and those applications that require lots of capacity and relatively less performance will probably find hybrid array architectures more cost-effective," says Eric Burgener, research director at IDC. "Solutions like Nimble's new CS700 and All-Flash Shelf give customers significant leeway in establishing the ratio between SSDs and HDDs to offer the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide range of mixed data center workloads."

When thinking about new storage solutions one of the first things that comes to mind is scalability. Nimble's Adaptive Storage platform gets its name from its ability to adapt its flash usage based on the company's patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture. CASL hopes to ease scalability concerns and SLA wrangling by providing automated resource allocation, with the final goal of removing unnecessary storage silos and eliminating over-provisioning of flash storage resources.

A single CS700 unit has a raw disk capacity of 36TB, effective capacity of 25TB and room for up to three expansion shelves. The unit has a single 6Gb SAS port with support for iSCSI. In terms of network connections, the CS700 supports two 1GbE and either two dual 10GbaseT or two dual 10GbE SFP+ connections.

The maximum combined resources of the CS700 and all-flash shelf expansion provide up to 500,000 IOPS, 64TB flash capacity and 1PB of effective capacity.

"Our Adaptive Flash platform will demand the storage industry rethink the way flash can be leveraged within data center and cloud environments," says Dan Leary, vice presidednt of worldwide marketing at Nimble Storage. "We've built a solution that can span a larger set of workloads with more performance and cost efficiency than any other flash solution on the market."

The Adaptive Storage platform with CASL also features non-disruptive upgrades, hardware redundancy and a 99.999 percent system availability.

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