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Nokia's Going Full Tilt Into Network Security

By - Source: Nokia

Nokia has been in somewhat of a strange position after its much-publicized break up with Microsoft. Many didn't realize that phone hardware was only a small part of what Nokia did, the company actually has a diverse range of services beyond the hardware. It has a whole wing dedicated to security.

To that end, Nokia has set up a new mobile security center in Berlin, with the aim of helping telecommunication companies secure both their services and infrastructure against intrusions and vulnerabilities. The setup is enough to make any self-respecting IT person giddy, as it sports its own separate 4G network and co-operates and shares resources with universities and security researchers.

Mobile security is a huge and growing market, and it's seen by many as the next iteration of the malware battle. For the first time ever, malware for mobiles surpassed that of PCs. Most people also don’t see their phones as potential vectors for security threats, so it is unfortunately left to the network and device manufacturers to defend the phone on the users' behalf.

Malware and other unwanted apps threaten not only the financial and security aspects of the user, but of the network as a whole. Unresponsive networks mean slow speeds, higher customer complaints, and turnover.

With this new bold move, Nokia hopes to provide a one-stop shop for network providers to secure and defend their mobile estate and user base, as well as simultaneously gaining reknown as a services and security provider, rather than as just a hardware (primarily handset) company.