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Don't be fooled by apparent preferences when you check out my Best IT Certifications list. Just because you don't find something listed, doesn't mean that those certs aren't important, nor even that I don't recommend them. The best certification roster will keep growing, and I'll cover everything most people -- including me -- think is important, certification-wise as the next year approaches.

After Tom's put up a new page last week listing the Best IT Certifications, I got a question from one of our readers almost immediately thereafter. The gist was "I see you didn't include the VMware certifications in that collection. Does that mean you don't think VMware certifications are worthwhile?"

Heck no, that's not what I meant by putting this page together at all. This page merely organizes and presents all of the "top 5" certification stories I've updated or created recently enough to warrant making them relevant for those planning ahead. And I'm confident that everything on this list will stay relevant at least through the middle of next year, if not longer.

Keep in mind, the world of IT certifications changes often, and we'll do our best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. Here's what you'll currently find on our Best of list:

Computer ForensicsVirtualization (coming soon)
Enterprise ArchitectSystem Administrator
Project Management (coming soon)
Information SecurityProgramming/Developer           
Healthcare IT (coming soon)
IT GovernanceComputer NetworkingComputer Hardware (coming soon)
Web Design & Development      
Cloud ITHelp Desk (coming soon)           
StorageDatabase (coming soon)Wireless Networking (coming soon)

I'm also working on updates for additional certification areas, including database, project management, health-related IT, wireless, computer hardware, help desk and technical support, and IT trainer certifications. And yes indeed, virtualization certs will be in this number as well.

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Ed Tittel is a 30-year-plus IT veteran who's worked as a programmer, technical manager, instructor, network consultant and technical evangelist for companies including Burroughs, Schlumberger, Novell, IBM/Tivoli and NetQoS. He has written for numerous publications and is the author of over 140 books with a special emphasis on information security, Web markup languages and development tools, and Windows operating systems.

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For new areas in IT certification -- all input on these selections will be gratefully received, and cheerfully acknowledged -- so far, I'm planning to go after big data and business intelligence, data center, mobility, unified communications, and VoIP/telephony. Anything we're missing from the list? Send us a note.

The moral of the story in this particular case is: Just because you don't see a topic covered in my Best Certs series, doesn't mean it's not important. There are plenty more topics planned to be added to that repository. On the other hand, if you see something missing, or you'd like to ask about (or recommend) choices that differ from ones I've already made, I'm always glad to discuss what's there, and to consider other alternatives and points of view.

Whatever you're after or interested in where IT certification is concerned, I want to build a collection of resources that's sure to attract your interest, attention, and perusal of the materials that I pull together for Tom's IT Pro. Please help me make this coverage the best it can be.