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Nutanix Introduces an All-Flash Appliance for Hyper-Convergence

By , Julio Urquidi - Source: Toms IT Pro

This week, software defined storage company, Nutanix, introduced the latest series to its NX family of products, the NX-9000. Touted as an industry first, the NX-9000 series is an all-flash hyper-converged appliance designed to handle the most demanding I/O applications.

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Nutanix has several offerings in the converged and hyper-converged arena designed to remove the traditional bottlenecks associated with centralized storage. The NX family of appliances does this by taking advantage of local storage on up to four hosts connected in the same enclosure framework. The NX-9000 series removes the spinning disk component associated with the other models in favor of an all SSD storage architecture targeting critical heavy I/O workloads.

The first model in the series, the 2U two node NX-9040 can handle up to 115 virtual machines, according to Nutanix. Each node uses dual Intel Ivy Bridge E5-2690 v2 processors, 256 GB or 512 GB of RAM, and six SSDs (8 GB, 1.6 TB) for storage. Connectivity is provided by two 10 GbE, two 1 GbE and one 10/100 BASE-T network connections.

The Nutanix appliances, already designed for lower storage latency through the converged architecture along with compression and de-duplication technologies, now gain that additional performance boost making them ideal for high I/O demand applications such as databases and online order transaction processing. The NX-9000 continues to support the ability to scale out one node at a time without modification to the hypervisor or existing virtual machines.

In addition to the NX-9000, Nutanix also announced Metro Availability. Another declared first in the industry, Nutanix announced the ability to deliver continuous data protection across multiple data centers.  As more business critical systems are virtualized, the need to have disaster recovery sites that support near zero recovery point and zero recovery time objectives are required.

Nutanix's Metro Availability allows for synchronous mirror and stretched datastores that can span multiple sites with distances up to 400km apart. Metro Availability supports multiple configurations that can include one-to-many and many-to-one topologies, rather than the traditional one-to-one near identical configurations at each location's topologies. Metro Availability is VMware aware and supports the ability to select individual virtual machines for mirroring, allowing for greater flexibility and potential cost savings.

The NX-9000 has a list price of $110,000 per node and Metro Availability will be available with the upcoming release of the Nutanix Operating System 4.1. Metro Availability will also be bundled with the Nutanix Operating System Ultimate Edition version.