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OCZ Partners to Accelerate Enterprise Storage

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

OCZ Technology and SANRAD have teamed up to provide Z-Drive R4 drives with its OCZ-SANRAD VXL Enterprise Storage Accelerator.

The new OCZ-SANRAD VXL Enterprise Storage Accelerator allows any PCIe-based OCZ Z-Drive R4 model, including the newly introduced Z-Drive R4 CloudServ, to be utilized as a accelerator for traditional iSCSI and FC storage. This eliminates the need for costly tier-1 SANs in a wide range of enterprise IT infrastructures from application virtualization to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

PCIe-based OCZ Z-Drive R4PCIe-based OCZ Z-Drive R4

VXL fully supports VMware vMotion and guarantees cache migration where cached data is treated as a virtualized storage entity and can be migrated between VMware ESX servers along with the virtual volumes without performance loss. For ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer hypervisors, VXL does not require separate operating system agents to be installed in each virtual machine like other solutions, simplifying IT management and deployment from one central system. VXL ensures automatic support for any OS supported by the hypervisor including all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, all major Linux distributions, OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD among others.

Can integrate with VMware vCenter virtualization management console.Can integrate with VMware vCenter virtualization management console.

With the use of OCZ-SANRAD VXL Enterprise Storage Accelerator, enterprise IT management has the necessary tools for integration with VMware vCenter virtualization management console, as well as Storage Pro software for remote consolidated management of any OCZ Z-Drive R4 and CloudServ in the data center. In addition, VXL provides dynamic policy-based caching tuned specifically for critical applications including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and other enterprise-class server applications.

To show off the performance of the Z-Drive R4 and SANRAD VXL storage solution, OCZ is now offering live demonstrations on-site to demonstrate their performance to clients. Interested parties can contact an OCZ Account Manager directly here to for arrange a demonstration. To learn more information on SANRAD VXL, visit its Web site here

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