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One Stop Systems Displays HPC Solutions At SC15

By - Source: One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems (OSS) specializes in PCIe appliances for HPC applications and has a range of products on display at Supercomputing 2015 in Austin, Texas. The company utilizes either co-processors or GPUs to meet demanding HPC compute requirements, and employs either M.2 or AIC (Add-In Card) SSDs to satisfy storage requirements.

OSS has several of its latest designs on display at the event, including its High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA). The HDCA connects up to four servers via four PCIe 3.0 x16 connections that connect at the rear of its chassis. The HDCA Utilizes PCIe as a fabric to provide the utmost speed for compute-intensive tasks (it exposes thousands of compute cores to the hosts) and offers several compute options that offer varying levels of performance.

The GPU-powered HDCA solution provides the most computational firepower. The HDCA supports configurations with up to 16 AMD FirePro S9170 GPUs. The FirePro configuration provides a maximum of 84 Tflops of performance. Each card provides up to 2.62 double-precision Tflops and an efficiency rating of 9.53 Gflops per Watt. 

The next tier of performance comes courtesy of up to 16 Nallatech 510T Accelerator Cards. Each Nallatech 510T Accelerator Card sports dual Altera Arria 10 1150 FPGAs that provide up to 3 Tflops of performance. The cards also feature up to 128 GB of DDR4 in tandem with 4 GB of Micron HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube) memory. This powerful duo provides up to 290 GBps of memory bandwidth and packs up to 48 Tflops of compute power. 

"We are extremely happy to partner with Nallatech to provide this exceptional hardware solution to support multiple HPC applications," said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. "With support of up to 16 Nallatech 510T accelerator cards, the HDCA adds over 48 Tflops of compute power to your server or servers. It can be attached to one server to four servers. In addition, the HDCA is tested thoroughly with your server in the factory to insure [sic] a quick startup, and on-site support can be available making installation quick and easy."

OSS also has the HDCA on display with Intel Xeon Phi co-processors. The chassis supports up to 16 Intel Xeon Phi co-processors in lieu of the Nallatech accelerators, and the Xeon Phi configuration tops out at 19.2 Tflops of performance.

OSS also has several of its latest products, which we covered at FMS 2015, on display at booth #2324.

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