Top 5 in Tech: Open Source and Hybrid Cloud

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Top 5 in Tech

I had the chance to attend two tech events this week in Chicago -- Cloud Connect 2013 and Chicago's VMUG. It was a great chance to reconnect with IT pros, check out some vendors and learn from industry leaders. There was a lot of discussion around OpenStack. Cloud Connect even featured a StackWars panel, moderated by Alistair Croll (@acroll), where Matthew Lodge (VMware), Monty Taylor (HP) and Jim Anthony (Verizon) discussed the future of the enterprise cloud and how open source fits in.

There was also a good discussion on hybrid cloud strategy, at both VMUG and Cloud Connect. During his presentation at the VMUG meeting, Elias Khnaser (@ekhnaser) noted that private cloud is going away and is being replaced by hybrid approaches. Elias also predicts that the IT department is transitioning into a business driver and for cloud implementation to be successful, you must achieve business/IT alignment.

The two topics -- open source and hybrid cloud -- are also our main theme for today's top 5 in tech. In addition, we talk about innovation, advancements in wireless technology, business intelligence and how to future-proof your career with our roundup of the 5 best SysAdmin certs.

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