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Pica8 Intros First Open Software Defined Networking Reference Architecture

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Pica8 Intros Industry’s First Open SDN Reference ArchitecturePica8 Intros Industry’s First Open SDN Reference Architecture

Pica8 recently introduced the industry's first open SDN (software defined networking) reference architecture.

It's designed specifically as a network development platform for cloud providers, and includes Pica8’s physical open switch integrated with a hypervisor virtual switch and an SDN controller leveraging the OpenFlow 1.2 standard.

"While most enterprise organizations are looking for complete Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions, service providers want an open and flexible network platform to build its own solutions," said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Pica8 understands this requirement and has developed an innovative and cost effective open network platform to better enable those service providers."

Pica8 said the new architecture is ideal for cloud, portal and service providers. It combines the popular Open vSwitch (OVS) 1.7.1 virtual switch with OpenFlow 1.2 implemented in Pica8’s PicOS operating system. It also integrates with the Ryu 1.4 OpenFlow controller, designed by NTT Laboratories specifically for SDN applications.

"We believe in open networking, and that in part means sharing the basic tools and configuration starter kits with our community," said Pica8 architect David Liu. "Our goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes to pull the pieces together, and help you focus more on evaluating what SDN can do for your environment."

"At Pica8, we are addressing [the lack of an 'Open' vSwitch] with an open platform that enables the open community to innovate on both the device AND the controller of OpenFlow v1.2," he adds on this blog. "Our goal is to enable the innovation and to build a complete platform that allows innovators to deploy applications quickly, just like Android."

Pica8 will continue to test configurations with customers and partners, the company said. Testing results will then be contributed to reference designs that can help the development of cloud-specific SDN applications.

Resources regarding Pica8's new Reference Architecture are located here.

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