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OpenStack Updates Havana With Enterprise Features

By - Source: OpenStack

On Thursday OpenStack released the eighth version of Havana, its open source software for building public, private and hybrid clouds. This new release packs 400 new features including new services like OpenStack Metering and Orchestration, and enhancements to existing services like global clusters for Object Storage and QoS capabilities for Block Storage.

According to OpenStack's announcement, the update brings an improved operational experience. A significant effort went into streamlining and building the portfolio of services in the Dashboard, and a new team of user experience experts even contributed their spare time to improve the UI, workflows and productivity.

The new service OpenStack Metering provides users with a single source of usage data across OpenStack services for activities like enterprise chargebacks and feeding systems monitoring tools. OpenStack Orchestration, another new Havana feature, is a template-driven service for describing and automating the deployment of compute, storage and networking resources for an application.

"The new global clusters feature for Object Storage enables you to cut costs and improve performance by replicating and delivering data around the world, and the new QoS capability across Block Storage drivers allows you to guarantee performance requirements for an application," the company's press release reports. "Docker support was also added to speed application deployment using containers."

The updated Havana also provides even more Enterprise features such as SSL support across all service APIs, new VPN and Firewall-as-a-Service capabilities, support for rolling upgrades and boot from volume, and end-to-end encryption across all Block Storage drivers. Popular storage and networking providers also continue to improve and write new plugins for OpenStack.

"The OpenStack community continues to innovate at an even greater pace with 910 contributors to the Havana release, a more than 70% increase from the Grizzly release six months ago," states the company's press release. "More than 145 OpenStack ecosystem members employ developers who contributed to this release, including Canonical, Dreamhost, eNovance, HP, IBM, Intel, Mirantis, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE, and Yahoo!. According to the latest user survey, OpenStack has been deployed in at least 358 cities across 72 countries."

To download the source code, read detailed release notes and see the Dashboard demo, head here. The next OpenStack Summit will take place on November 5-8, in Hong Kong, which will determine the roadmap for "Icehouse"-- the next OpenStack release. Headline sponsors include HP, IBM, Red Hat and Ubuntu supported by Canonical.


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