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Mellanox Added to Havana, First to List for Red Hat OpenStack

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Mellanox Technologies announced on Wednesday that OpenStack's newly released Havana distribution has accepted several of its key InfiniBand and Ethernet adapter and switch components for Nova, Cinder and Neutron. 

Mellanox also set a landmark as being the first adapter vendor listed on Red Hat's Certified Solution Marketplace.  Red Hat's certification process ensures that technologies and products are designed to integrate well with various ecosystems including Red Hat's OpenStack-based distributions.

"We are pleased to have Mellanox's early support for the Red Hat Certified Solution Marketplace and collaborate with them on OpenStack’s enterprise advancement," said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Ecosystems, Red Hat. "We look forward to OpenStack users seeing the intersection of Red Hat and Mellanox’s technologies during their deployments of the Havana distribution."

The InfiniBand data exchange standard regulates how servers and storage systems interconnect with each other and is supported by OpenStack.  Havana, the eighth OpenStack release supports the Mellanox 10/40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s adapters and switches. 

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According to Mellanox, using these adapters and switches with the OpenStack Cinder block storage and Neutron plug-ins can improve storage access performance and achieve bare-metal performance of virtual machines while still maintaining Quality of Service and hardened security.

"As a leader in high-performance networking technologies, Mellanox delivers advanced OpenStack-powered cloud solutions in order to enable customers to increase cost-efficiency, flexibility and security as they accelerate the transition to the cloud," said Yaron Haviv, vice president of data center solutions at Mellanox Technologies. "We partnered with the leading OpenStack distributions to allow our mutual customers to confidently deploy an OpenStack cloud, with proven interoperability and integrated support.”

See Red Hat's solution marketplace website for the Neutron and Cinder certifications.