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Dell Updates Open Source Cloud, Big Data Solutions

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On Tuesday Dell announced the expansion of key open source software and cloud solutions. These include new options for its OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution, support for the newest version of Cloudera Enterprise, RAID and BIOS configuration capabilities for Crowbar and other updates and additions. Dell also confirmed its commitment to further develop and support the Dasein open source project.

For starters, Dell has updated its OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution with support for OpenStack Grizzly and Dell Multi-Cloud Manager. The company also extended reference architecture support to include the Dell PowerEdge C8000 shared infrastructure server solution, high density drives, and 10 Gb Ethernet connectivity.

Next, the company now offers Dell Cloud Transformation Services. It's a new group of consulting services ranging from cloud readiness assessment, infrastructure design and operations, and application design and modernization. These consultants will provide assistance with assessing, building, operating and running cloud environments, and enable and accelerate enterprise OpenStack adoption.

Moving on to Hadoop big data solutions, Dell said that its Cloudera Hadoop Solution now supports the newest version of Cloudera Enterprise, allowing customers to perform real-time SQL interactive queries and Hadoop-based batch processing. Dell said it has also tested and certified the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop on Dell PowerEdge servers

"Dell Solution Centers validated the reference architecture and developed a technical whitepaper that simplifies the deployment of Intel Distribution on the Dell platform," the company said. "From Dell Solution Centers worldwide, Dell helps customers architect solutions and run proof of concepts at Dell to enhance overall solution value and experience."

The company said it recently made two software enhancements designed to expand its support for Hadoop. These include SharePlex which now allows customers to replicate Oracle data directly to Hadoop, and Kitenga Analytics which provides added functionality to help organizations better understand and analyze data stored in Hadoop. 

As for the company's open-source projects, Dell has released RAID and BIOS configuration capabilities to the Crowbar open source community. The company said this release completes its open source contribution of Crowbar as a complete operational platform for continued community development. Dell also confirmed its commitment to further develop and support the Dasein open source project so that it remains relevant to various cloud platforms and offerings within the industry.

Dell said it has also released the Project Sputnik Cloud Launcher and profile tool, and plans to launch a free trial on the Joyent high-performance public cloud for those who purchase the Dell XPS 13 developer edition laptop. Project Sputnik is a client-to-cloud platform for developers consisting of a cloud launcher, a profile tool, and the Ubuntu-based XPS 13 developer edition.

"The profile tool is designed to provide access to a library of community-created profiles, such as Ruby and JavaScript on GitHub, and to configure and quickly set up development environments and tool chains," Dell explained. "The cloud launcher creates a seamless link from the client to the cloud, to facilitate ongoing development of application environments."

For more information about Project Sputnik, head here. Additional information regarding the Dasein open source projectcan be accessed here.

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