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Linux Foundation Claims Strong Gains For Linux in Enterprise IT

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A survey commissioned by the Linux Foundation suggests that Linux is being deployed in enterprise environments faster than Windows. The report "Linux Adoption: Third Annual Survey of World’s Largest Enterprise Linux Users" claims that Linux experienced 12.7 percent year-over-year growth for the fourth quarter while Windows only increased 3.2 percent and UNIX was down 24.1 percent.

The Foundation noted that 76 percent of survey respondents said that they are using Linux servers for cloud applications and 74 percent are planning to maintain or increase Linux use for future cloud initiatives. 75 percent confirmed that they deployed Linux to run new applications and services within the past two years. 73 percent said they are using Linux for mission critical workloads. The overall positive picture of Linux within the survey was complemented by 80 percent of survey participants stating that they are planning to increase their use of Linux servers over the next five years, while Windows came in at just 20 percent.

“We see the growing success of Linux adoption in the enterprise, especially as it’s used for the most important areas of business, leading to the rise of Linux and collaborative development across many industries,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at the Linux Foundation. “Having a realistic understanding of where Linux is gaining traction in the enterprise helps to inform vendors and users about how they can work together to advance Linux and the technologies it supports.”

The overall landscape of Linux applications is still expanding. According to the GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline, there are currently 480 different flavors of Linux available.

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