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Oracle Cloud At Customer Brings Oracle Cloud Technology To The Corporate Datacenter

By - Source: Oracle

Oracle announced Oracle Cloud at Customer, a new family of products designed to make it easier for customers to bring the benefits of cloud computing to their local datacenters.

Organizations that wish to reap the benefits of cloud computing are often faced with barriers to cloud adoption in the form of regulatory compliance issues or performance requirements. To overcome such obstacles, Oracle Cloud at Customer brings the capabilities of the Oracle Cloud platform to the corporate datacenter.

“We are committed to helping our customers move to the cloud to help speed their innovation, fuel their business growth, and drive business transformation,” said Thomas Kurian, president, Oracle. “Today’s news is unprecedented. We announced a number of new cloud services and we are now the first public cloud vendor to offer organizations the ultimate in choice on where and how they want to run their Oracle Cloud.”

According to Oracle, all Oracle Public Cloud Services components are fully compatible with the new Cloud at Customer offering. Cloud at Customer users can take advantage of the same performance, agility, and scalability advantages of Oracle Public Cloud Services while using Oracle’s subscription pricing model. High levels of compatibility make for high levels of workload portability. Organizations will have the ability to rapidly shift workloads from the datacenter to the cloud in order to adapt to evolving needs.

By bringing Oracle cloud computing resources behind the firewall, organizations can now address compliance or regulatory issues that had previously prevented them from using the public cloud, such as HIPAA regulations in the field of health care, PCI-DSS for the finance industry, or FedRAMP for the U.S. Government.

In a related announcement, Oracle also announced a series of new infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) offerings. These new cloud services address emerging business needs in the fields of big data analytics, social, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT).