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Oracle Announces Docker Integration For Oracle Solaris Zones

By - Source: Oracle

Oracle announced plans to integrate Docker container technology with Oracle Solaris Zones. Developers will be able to take advantage of Docker's lightweight application packaging features when developing apps that run on top of Oracle Solaris Zones' virtualization technology.

"Docker welcomes Oracle Solaris to the Docker community. Integrating Docker with Oracle Solaris Zones will bring a mature and proven container technology to Docker environments running in enterprise class clouds," said Nick Stinemates, Vice President of Business Development & Technical Alliances for Docker.

Oracle Solaris Zones, originally known as Solaris Containers, were first delivered as part of the 2005 release of Solaris 10. Oracle Solaris Zones are used to isolate software applications and services using software-defined boundaries. Each Zone can be used as a secure private execution environment, separate from the underlying hardware that works as if it is running its own system. Oracle Solaris Zones enable admins to scale enterprise environments efficiently, while allowing apps to be run in isolated environments for enhanced security.

Developers creating containerized apps with Docker will have the ability to take advantage of advanced features of Oracle Solaris, including enterprise class security, a full OpenStack distribution and analytics. Apps can be easily developed, tested and deployed to on premises, cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Oracle also announced a new beta release of Oracle Solaris 11.3 with new features that will enhance the use of Oracle Solaris Zones for enterprise cloud customers, including Live Zone Reconfiguration, which allows administrators to reconfigure the network and attached devices of a running kernel zone with zero downtime. Oracle announced plans to release a version of the Oracle WebLogic Server as a Docker Image for development and testing.