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Oracle Updates Exadata Database Machine to 408 CPU Cores

By - Source: Oracle

Just recently, Oracle announced the launch of its new Exadata Database Machine X4-8. Oracle describes this server-based system as an ideal solution for multi-rack data warehouses, in-memory or memory-intensive workloads, high-end OLTP workloads, and more.

Oracle reports that this model builds upon the previous X4-2 machine, providing the same InfiniBand, storage and performance. However, instead of using 2-socket servers like the X4-2, the X4-8 model uses large-scale 8-socket SMP servers. Each X4-8 machine packs 120 processor cores, and 2 to 6 terabytes of DRAM.

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"A single-rack Oracle Exadata X4-8 has up to 12 TB of system memory, 672 terabytes of disk, 44 terabytes of high-performance PCI Flash, 240 database CPU cores, and 168 CPU cores in storage to accelerate data-intensive SQL," states the product page.

Compared to the previous generation, the new machine has 50 percent more database compute cores by using Intel's 15-core Xeon E7-8895 v2 processors. The machine also provides nearly twice the amount of local disk space, up to 672 TB of disk storage, and up to 44 TB of PCI flash per rack. The InfiniBand connection is twice as fast thanks to a new PCIe card with all the ports active.

Exadata Database Machines can connect using Infiniband. Image courtesy of Oracle.Exadata Database Machines can connect using Infiniband. Image courtesy of Oracle.

The Exadata Database Machine X4-8 is optimized for Oracle Database In-Memory, and supports in-memory processing. The machine also supports Oracle Database In-Memory fault tolerance, which allows in-memory processing to continue uninterrupted even after a database node has failed.

"Since Oracle Exadata Database Machine was introduced in 2008, Oracle has been delivering industry-leading engineered systems that help our customers attain the most value from their enterprise data," said Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Systems Technology, Oracle. "Exadata Database Machine X4-8 again raises the bar and provides an ideal platform for Oracle Database In-Memory. Together, the combination enables customers to evolve into real-time enterprises."

The Exadata Database Machine X4-8 is compatible and interoperable with older Oracle Exadata Database Machines, allowing customers with existing systems to scale out. The Oracle Exadata software also supports previous-generation Oracle Exadata hardware systems, as well as Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Database 12c.

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