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Oracle Announces Enhanced Integration Platform For Cloud, Mobile, IoT

By - Source: Oracle

Oracle announced new enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration that simplify management of on-premises, cloud-based, mobile or IoT applications and services across an enterprise. The Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration is comprised of the Oracle IoT Cloud, Oracle Integration cloud, Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud. Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration includes a library of integrations and adapters from Oracle and its partners that enable customers to build integrations quickly using an intuitive visual designer.

"The IT architectures that organizations have relied on for decades do not provide the business agility demanded by the digital present," said Amit Zavery, senior vice president of Cloud Platform and Integration products at Oracle. "To stay competitive, organizations need to rethink API management and service integration across cloud, mobile and IoT initiatives. With Oracle Cloud Platform's comprehensive suite of integration services, we are able to help our customers increase business agility by improving productivity, lowering costs, and ultimately accelerating innovation."

The Oracle IoT Cloud Service allows business to gain insights by connecting to and collecting data from devices. Business can perform real-time, Big Data and predictive analysis on IoT data streams, while integrating IoT data with enterprise applications. Oracle IoT Cloud Service includes many pre-built integrations, including Oracle PaaS and Oracle SaaS applications.

To provide integrations between on-premises and cloud applications, Oracle offers the Oracle Integration Cloud Service. SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premises integrations can be created using an intuitive GUI. Oracle provides customers with an environment pre-loaded with connections to all of their Oracle SaaS application subscriptions. An Open Adapter SDK allows users to create new integrations that can be published as APIs for external use.

The Oracle SOA Cloud Service is Oracle's PaaS that allows the easy provisioning of enterprise software platforms. Support is provided for API deployment and management. SOA Cloud Service Adapters connect SaaS and on-premises applications, facilitating hybrid integration.

The Oracle API Manager Cloud Service allows Oracle developers to easily create APIs. Oracle API Manager handles API security and provides API analytics.