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Oracle Mobile Authenticator: No More Smart Cards!

By - Source: Oracle

Oracle's latest update to its Identity Management platform, 11g Release 2, has made several new capabilities available to users with one of the most substantial being a new mobile authenticator. The Oracle Mobile Authenticator aims to improve security while not weighing down users with smart cards or tokens.

"In today's business landscape, mobile devices have become an extension of a user's identity and provide a simple and powerful solution to address growing digital security risks," says Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and Identity Management at Oracle. "Oracle's approach to strong authentication enables organizations to take advantage of the growing number of personal devices in the workplace while reducing the cost of authentication."

Oracle's simplification of security authentication is more from a physical perspective with users not having to carry around extraneous devices; their new authenticator is still token-based. The Oracle Mobile Authenticator effectively turns a users mobile device into a token generator, much like Google Authenticator, used for authenticating the device itself.

With Oracle's Mobile Authenticator running on your mobile device, your device generates a time-based code to use as a form of identity authentication. For a limited time, your device can use this generated code instead of normal login credentials when accessing applications running the Oracle Mobile Authenticator support software.

The authenticator uses behavioral analysis to identify fraud through tracking when and where devices are attempting logins, and if it is happening from multiple devices. Oracle Mobile Authenticator can also be used as an extra security layer for mobile devices and seems tailored for companies with BYOD infrastructures.

Other additions to the latest release of Oracle's identity Management platform include a broader Mobile Security Suite, a cloud access portal, content management security with granular access, and new governance capabilities.

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