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More SDN Enhancements for Oracle Virtual Networking

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Last week, Oracle announced improvements to its Virtual Networking product by expanding on its software-defined networking capabilities.

Oracle's Fabric Manager allows for the creation of thousands of virtual network interfaces to connect servers and storage without having to install NIC cards and host adapters and is, according to Oracle, capable of providing bandwidth of up to 80 Gb/sec to server. 

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This latest update builds on Oracle's support for the SPARC and x86 servers by adding support for Oracle's SPARC M6-32 and Fujitsu M10 servers.  Oracle's Virtual Networking now supports Oracle's Solaris I/O multi-pathing for high availability for storage. This allows a customer to create a virtualized environment without a single point of failure.

Oracle Linux and Oracle VM now include Oracle Virtual Networking drivers with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2.  This eliminates having to separately download and install the drivers.

According to Oracle, customers using Oracle Virtual Networking can achieve 4x application performance, significantly reduce infrastructure complexity, reduce LAN and SAN capital spending by half and provision services in minutes rather than days.

Oracle will be hosting a Webcast on November 29th at 10 am PT to review this latest release and present a deep dive review of Oracle Virtual Networking.