Oracle Secure Global Desktop Now Supports Android Tablets

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Yesterday, Oracle announced an enhancement to Oracle Secure Global Desktop, its desktop virtualization solution. Version 5.1 now includes support for remote access to enterprise software from Android tablets and Google's Chrome Web browser using HTML5 and running under Windows or Mac operating systems.

In addition to the new supported clients, the update has the following added benefits:

  • HTML5 support for Google's Chrome browser will remove the need to install additional client software on Windows or Mac powered devices in order to access applications.
  • Added directory integration with Oracle Unified Directory, the company's all-in-one directory-based service designed for high read/write performance and scalability.
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Version 5.1 is the latest version of Oracle Secure Global Desktop, a solution designed to provide remote access to server hosted Windows and Linux desktops, and applications ranging from web-based, Windows and mainframe.  Before this new update, supported clients already included Windows and Mac OS X computers, iPad tablets and Sun Rays. 

According to the announcement, "by adding support for Android tablets and Google Chrome on Mac and PCs, the latest release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides end users with the ability to access enterprise applications from more devices than ever before." Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Linux and Virtualization engineering at Oracle says "Providing secure remote access to Oracle and other enterprise applications, all from the same device and without needing to re-write code, enables significant investment and time savings for customers."