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Oracle Intros New Virtual Compute Appliance

By - Source: Oracle

On Tuesday Oracle announced the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, the company's newest "wire-once" engineered system that comes fully assembled and ready to run production workloads with minimal, software-defined configuration. It's built around a fast InfiniBand fabric, and connects to existing Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks via pooled interconnect modules.

"The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is fault tolerant out of the box, with no single point of failure," the company said. "Application virtual machines can automatically restart on hardware or software failure."

It's a converged infrastructure platformfor a broad mix of applications and operating systems, the company said, capable of running Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, other Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows side by side. It integrates into existing networking and storage environments, making it easy to re-host existing applications and deploy new applications that access existing data. It also supports Oracle Trusted Partitions which gives customers the flexibility to license Oracle software on a vCPU basis.

"The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance includes Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder," the company said. "With built-in support for pre-tested, pre-configured Oracle VM Templates, customers can rapidly deploy entire application stacks including Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, database, middleware and business applications."

The new appliance incorporates servers based on Intel Xeon processors, Oracle VM, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Virtual Networking fabric interconnects, and Oracle SDN software. The company said the Sun ZFS component is an ideal storage expansion for business-critical virtualized environments thanks to its high storage throughput, low latency and flexible scalability.

"Adding an additional compute node to an Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is simple: slide the new node into a rack, connect four pre-wired cables, and turn it on," the company said. "The appliance automatically detects, configures, and begins using the new node."

For those interested in what makes this appliance tick, it features two Intel Xeon eight-core processors clocked at 2.2 GHz, 256 GB of RAM clocked at 1600 MHz, two 900 GB hard drives in RAID 1, a dual-port QDR InfiniBand HCA (PCIe), a GbE management port (BASE-T), and redundant power supplies. The ZFS Storage Appliance aspect includes four QDR InfiniBand ports, a 292 GB SSD for cache, 18 TB worth of SAS hard drives, and two GbE management ports.

For more information about the new Oracle Appliance, head here.

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