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Oracle Extends Xsigo's Virtual Networking Technology

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

When Oracle acquired Xsigo's fabric technology last year, it was an idea ahead of its time: creating thousands of virtual network interfaces to connect servers and storage, thus saving the cost and time of installing countless NICs and HBAs. 

Originally built to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, the newly branded Oracle SDN (Software Defined Networking) Fabric Manager 4.1 has been expanded to support UNIX, as well as Oracle's SPARC T5, T4 and M5 servers and its OS, Solaris 11 on both SPARC and x86 hardware.

Not only can the Fabric Manager software create up to 16,000 virtual private Layer 2 networks on a cluster comprised of up to 1,000 Sparc T5-8 midrange machines and over 128,000 cores of an interconnected cluster, it can provide isolated connectivity within a cloud.  Oracle also boasts performance benefits of up to 80GB/s server-to-server throughput, 19x faster live migration, 12x faster database queries, and 30x faster backups.

 Pricing has not yet been released, but the launch event is scheduled for April 30th at 11am PST with an Oracle hosted Webcast.

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