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2009: Chrome OS - History of Desktop OSs

Slideshow: The History of the Desktop Operating System
2009: Chrome OS - History of Desktop OSs

Google introduced a Linux-based operating system resembling the look of its web browser Chrome in 2009. Chrome OS, which has been offered exclusively on a limited number of computers, is designed to run web applications only. The initial releases benefitted from the positive reputation of the Chrome browser, but suffered especially by the limited availability of popular applications and the requirement of available Internet connections.

Starting in 2011, Google began focusing on web applications that would also offer offline functionality and is encouraging application developers to integrate Google services such as its online storage Drive in their apps, in addition to make sure that their apps can also be started when no Internet connection is available.

The appeal of Chrome OS, however, remains limited, even if current iterations of the software and hardware resemble the perception of what the netbook should have been - with a no-compromises focus on web application models.

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