IBM Cloud Computing IT Certifications

Top 5 Cloud-Related IT Certifications
By , Mary Kyle

With over 700 credentials in its total portfolio, the IBM certification program is a verifiable monster in its own right. At the moment, however, only two certifications in that portfolio make explicit mention of “Cloud” in their designations.

The more junior of the two includes “Solution Advisor” nomenclature in its designation, while the more senior one includes “Solution Architect.” In this context, an advisor is someone who can provide input and guidance in choosing an IBM Cloud Computing solution, and explain its costs and benefits. An architect, on the other hand, can provide a roadmap for a buyer to implement IBM Cloud Computing, demonstrate relevant concepts and design principles, create a comprehensive solution, and show how IBM’s Cloud Management principles and practices for operations, plus service delivery and management, apply to such a solution.

Table 4: IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Cloud Computing Architecture Facts & Figures

Certification Name

IBM Certified Solution Advisor - Cloud Computing Advisor V2
IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1

Required courses:

Required Courses:  None

Required Prerequisite Skills:
Solution Advisor : Working knowledge of Cloud Computing principles, implementation of Cloud Computing concepts, various types of Clouds, various types of <item>-as-a-service offerings (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), various Cloud Computing business models, key concerns and how they are addressed in Cloud Computing such as security, performance, etc., IBM integrated service management for Cloud Computing, familiarity with the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 and IBM Cloud Computing offerings.

Solution Architect: Basic knowledge of IBM consulting principles, working knowledge of Fundamental exam topics (Solution Advisor materials), ability to design and implement comprehensive IBM Cloud Computing solutions, working knowledge of Cloud infrastructure technologies (systems, storage, security, networking, and virtualization) and components (hypervisors, provisioning, monitoring, security, storage, integration, Cloudburst, reporting, billing, and metering).

Number of exams

1 exam for each credential

Solution Advisor: Test 000-281 - Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V2
Solution Architect: Test 000-290 – IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1

Cost per exam

Exam Cost:  $200 USD



Self-study materials

Sample and assessment tests, study guides :

Cloud Computing Central at DeveloperWorks;

As with all vendor-specific credentials, these IBM certs will be of greatest interest to those who work with IBM Cloud Computing components and solutions on a day-to-day basis. That said, IBM forecasts Cloud computing to produce $7B of its income by 2015 and seeks to claim 25% market share by the same year (Source: CIOZone).  

IBM’s offerings are clearly worth attention for those seeking a spot in this niche, as well as for those already working with and around IBM tools and technologies. At present the CRNinfrastructure gear survey puts IBM in the number 2 position with a market share just under 18 percent, qualifying it as a reasonably smart certification bet in terms of name recognition and opportunity.