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Panasas' New ActiveStor 16 Hybrid NAS for Enterprise

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Panasas has just released its newest addition to the ActiveStor line of scale-out hybrid NAS appliances. The ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0, Panasas' storage OS, utilizes a RAID 6+ structure and has triple parity protection. The RAID distributions are decided based on erasure codes by individual file. This would potentially continue to increase the reliability of your storage system as files are reorganized.

Hybrid storage, a combination of hard disk and flash hardware, is becoming increasingly more popular. The advantages of being able to store hot, in use, data on flash provides fast interactions with the data. Combine that with a network attached storage architecture and you have a fast, scalable, and heterogeneous storage environment. Read: Hybrid Storage Vendors & Comparison GuidePanasas ActiveStor Storage Blade. Image courtesy of Panasas.Panasas ActiveStor Storage Blade. Image courtesy of Panasas.Panasas ActiveStor 16Panasas ActiveStor 16 "As adoption of high-performance computing increases in the enterprise and big data deployments continue to grow in scale, traditional RAID approaches no longer deliver an adequate level of storage reliability," states the company's announcement.

Using a combination of HGST UtraStar He6 6TB HDDs and either Micron or Viking SSDs, the ActiveStor 16 can scale up to 12PB and 150GB/s, producing 1.3M IOPS; automated load balancing smooths the transitions. This translates into up to 122TB per rack, with about 2 percent of it being flash. ActiveStor 16 shelves each pack 128GB ECC memory cache.

The ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0 includes the Extended File System Availability feature for disaster recovery, which maintains an online file system during drive failures. Additionally, files can be restored by list as opposed to an entire file system, significantly reducing recovery times for important data.

"Combining recent advances such as commercial-grade Windows support with our new RAID 6+ support in PanFS 6.0, it’s clear that Panasas is ahead of the curve in assuring the feature functionality, reliability and availability, and performance required to drive big data’s biggest discoveries," according to Faye Pairman, CEO of Panasas.

The ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0 appliance is available for order now (the units begin shipping Oct. 29, 2014). For more information on the Panasas ActiveStor line of products visit

Update: This article was updated on Oct. 30 to show that the units are now shipping.